In February we launched Pollie: a simple app which let users create polls and share it with others. In our previous post, Pollie: A Story of Simplicity and App Store Optimization, we explained how we got users to use Pollie with App Store Optimization (ASO): we improved the name, made it available in twelve languages and generated suitable keywords.

At the time of writing we had successfully increased the number of downloads per week from 2 to 6 with ASO. Now, eight months later, we have some real data: about 600 active app users and 5000 voters per day! How did we achieve this without spending a single $ on marketing?

Daily app users (via Firebase) Pollie Daily App Users

Daily voters (via Analytics) Pollie Daily Voters

Non-English App Stores

We researched the saturation of polling apps in app stores in different countries. The English app stores (i.e. United States, United Kingdom) were already saturated with polling apps, but non-english speaking countries offered opportunities. By picking the right keywords (thanks to Google Translate) and localizing the screenshots, these countries became our top countries in terms of app users:

  • Brazil
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Russia

Sharing Pollies

When you create Pollie we generate a piece of plain text including a link for the Pollie itself and one for every answer:

📊 What do you think about this blog post?

Click on a link to vote:


A bit boring…

As it’s plain text, this means your Pollie can be shared in many different ways:

  • to your colleagues over email;
  • to your friends over Whatsapp;
  • in a group on Facebook;
  • to your customers in a newsletter;
  • in a blog post;
  • or a combination!

It spreads like a virus

On average a Pollie is shared with 10 voters. After voting, voters can go to a ‘thanks for voting’ page with links to the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. About 1.5% of the voters click on one of the stores.

So, 5000 voters per day gives us 75 new app users per day. Every app user creates on average one poll, which is shared with 10 voters. That results in 750 new voters every day, who will in turn generate 11 new app users. 11 new app users, gives us 110 new voters, which gives about 2 new app users. And so on.

Over time this process repeats itself and Pollie grows every day. Without spending a $ on marketing.

Up next

How are we gonna generate revenue without spending a single $ on marketing? Do you have a suggestion? Let us know!